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The Legend of the Manaphin
Evidence exists-this is real!

Welcome to the website of all things Manaphin. This is the official site for the world's most fascinating marine mammal. All the up-to-date information, photographs and audio of various sightings. After centuries of speculation, the elusive creature is no longer a myth. With documented evidence, film, first-hand accounts and more, browse at your leisure and enjoy the wonders of the Manaphin. There's a Wikipedia site with some information and an Urban Dictionary listing for various manaphin languages, but this is what we know.

Hear the Manaphin underwater!

epic shot of manaphin while scuba diving

This exclusive photo captured a manaphin recently in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area submitted from a diver exploring artificial reefs off the coast.

Stories regarding previously thought extinct animals such as the Manaphin have been resurfacing across the globe in recent years, as explorers use modern technology to bring chimera to light. In 2014 alone, the BBC ran a story on Brazil's new river dolphin and Japan's national news also ran a piece on a recently discovered albino dolphin. All these stories provide further implications that there are newer and stranger animals in the world and prove the very existence of the Manaphin.

What is a Manaphin?
Part dolphin, part Manatee the correct Latin name for the creature is Trichechus Dolphinium

Smaller than a manatee but larger than a regular bottle nosed dolphin, the Manaphin is an aquatic herbivore known for its playful personality and a penchant for exceptionally clear water.



Manaphins may be originally from Latin American countries. In Colombian folklore, the manaphin is traditionally been regarded as a symbol of good luck and fortune. Their supposed extinction may be related to locals trying to keep them as pets and in effect, loving them to death. There have been sightings for hundreds of years but none since the early 20th Century. The last known sighting in Colombia was near Pasto in Southern Colombia near the Cauca River.


The last spate of sightings was in the 1970s further down the Gulf Coast of Florida, but recent rumored sightings have been reported in the Central Gulf Coast area (St. Petersburg/Clearwater area).


Recent discovery

This footage plus eye witness sightings and other evidence confirms that manaphins are Real.


Manaphin Spotted Off the Coast of Clearwater Beach

Manaphin Video

Recent video off the coast of the Pinellas Peninsula

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